Quadrilium is always looking for talented tutors.

We choose our tutors according to their knowledge of the subjects, the passion they have for education,the reliability and their general personality.
We expect from our tutors to assist students as teachers would. This means that tutors are able to assume the programme , prepare lesson plans, assign assignments, and have a clear plan for the tutored to achieve their goals. These goals could be to feel more confident in a subject, to enter a particular school, to evolve faster in a particular subject. Our tutors must understand what is necessary to advance in any academic objective.
Unfortunately, we reject many more applications than we can accept.

Why work for the Kamelia Centre ?

Competitive CompensationProfessional SupportStructured Tutoring
The reputation of our company based on the professionalism, competence and teaching capacity of our tutors. So we value our tutors, and their winnings are very competitive.We provide you full administrative support you need, we plan your appointments, and make sure your time planning is done as efficiently as possible. This allows you to focus on your students.To help our students effectively, we offer tutoring agreements of at least 3 months. This allows you to build a strong relationship with the student, and set goals and objectives to work together. This also gives you continuity of employment and the ability to plan your work week around regular hours.

General provisions

Candidates should be aware that it might be their mandate to visit our clients.
We read and examine each application carefully, but we receive a lot, so be patient before getting an answer.
We are looking for profiles with an excellent knowledge of subject , solid experience, passion, responsibility and ability to teach.
If you think it describes you, we would like to hear from you. Follow the link below to submit your application.

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