Tutoring and teaching aids to secondary school students

The pace of education at the secondary level can be frenetic for the freshly graduated elementary school. A new work structure and a higher level of effort must be made to ensure that neither parents nor children are overwhelmed by the various lessons and new learning subjects.

At this stage, parental involvement is crucial. Moreover, how can we measure this intervention without losing the child the desire to continue learning? This is why we organize workshops for parents so that they are experienced and seasoned accompaniers of their children during these years when both the mind of the child and his body grow and develop.

Happy Young Mother Helping Her Daughter While Studying At Home

Continuous school support

Our aim is to provide the student with help throughout his / her school year and in all subjects where the need to better assimilate the notions of the course is evident. The tutor adapts the learning strategy to the child’s rhythm so that he never lags behind the rest of his class.




Tutorat et aide à la réussite au Secondaire

Teaching aids in the stage exams and finals

In addition to revising concepts that require specific assistance, the tutor is focusing on appropriate strategies to better preparation for exams. Thus, instructor teaches how to develop strategies to properly prepare for finals or exams:

  • Memorize most of its course;
  • Use knowledge to answer questions;
  • Gain time by practicing the material.

Over time, students develop confidence in their resources and adapt their work to the needs and challenges of each subject.

Immediately the student gains self-confidence and takes a taste for getting involved in his work!

Tutorat et aide à la réussite au Secondaire

Intensive courses (weekend, school breaks and summer)

Some materials require more effort than others. This is why we offer more extensive assistance to students who so desire. Our intensive courses are offered either:

  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 to 13:00 )
  • The school breaks (from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00)
  • During the summer period (ask for our summer calendar 2017).

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