Tutoring and teaching aids to college students

At this stage of their studies, students must adopt a working methodology to properly organize and plan the assimilation of all the information necessary to achieve their ultimate academic goal: Success. Success at this stage is not simply academic; It is directly linked to their professional future.


Whether your intention is to start full-time or part-time university studies, give yourself the chance not to miss your entrance. The depth of readings and extensive level of texts you will have to read, understand and summarize is important and you never have enough time to do it. 

Please note that we also offer individual sessions and groups of psychometric tests. These tests help you recognize the skills in which you excel and which can be your professional fields of choice.

Continuous school support and teaching aids

Continuous school support and teaching aidsIf you feel the need to have continuous and gradual help from a tutor who knows his subject very well and can accompany you throughout the school year or for a fixed period, do not hesitate any more.

The Kamelia Educational Center and its tutors are at your disposal. Give yourself the chance to not miss anything even if the material seems difficult. The tutor adapts the learning strategy at your own pace. You will no longer be behind in your lessons.


Preparation for the French uniform test

Preparation for the French uniform test

In addition to revising the concepts that require special help, we focus on appropriate strategies to better prepare your exams. From now on, you will work your lessons so as :

  • to remember most of your course;
  • to use your knowledge to better answer questions;
  • to gain time by practicing matter;

Over time, you will develop confidence in in yourself and adapt the intensity of your work to the needs and challenges of each subject.

University entrance preparation

Tutorat et aide à la réussite au Collégial

You want to go to university absolutely. So, you want to put all the chances on your side, first of all choose the right program, which adapts to your personality, and secondly succeed your studies decisively.

So do not wait anymore.

Sign up for the University Preparation Course.
Our schedule is flexible. Some sessions can be given online. Check with our registrar.

  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 to 13:00 )
  • The school breaks (from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 17:00)
  • During the summer period (ask for our summer calendar 2017).

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