The subjects we teach

Students in primary school

Studying at primary level, pupils having spent at least one year in preschool, children are supposed to learn and develop very fast. The majority of work in primary school focuses on basic subjects and especially on French and mathematics. However, children study different subjects, and for some of them it can be stressful. Many of these subjects are not related to each other.
The Quadrilium process is a method of integration, ensures that students assimilate everything they need to know. We discuss the subject that need to be teached during the school year to promote student at the first level. We have tutors specialists at the elementary level and who have professional methodology to stimulate the student’s interest during this crucial step.

There is also another category of students for whom official school programme is not required . We have tutors specialized to help these children. The parents are proud to see how tutors encourage their children to academically surpass themselves.

At the primary level, parents want to focus on preparing their children for high school entry. Our tutors have a good experience to support and are able to assist the students by providing them adequate preparation and bringing them up to the required standards.

Students in high school

Pupils aged 11 to 14 (since the sanction of secondary education can be made from the age of 14) are living a crucial period of their educational journey. Along the secondary, they build the bases that will lead them to obtain a first important diploma (Diploma of the Secondary). Studies are more complex and difficult because they prepare students for university studies and the job market. It is essential that the student develops his abilities in order to be ready for greater challenges.

Students will continue to focus on French, English, and mathematics, and other subjects seen in primary school such as science, history and geography, and a foreign language, often the Spanish . However, new subjects are added, such as the natural sciences, techno-sciences, technological applications, chemistry and physics. This gradation in the number of subjects to be studied and in degree of difficulty may undermine the pupil’s confidence in his ability to master all this knowledge. Tutoring is a very good way of encouraging and establishing a spirit of balance.

Some students choose to pursue a specialized college education. These specializations sometimes result in a limited number of places, and therefore the need for entry examination. These exams can be very difficult and may well go beyond the curricula studied at school. We have extensive experience in preparing students for these tests and have helped many to integrate the school of their choice.

Secondary School Diploma and International Secondary School Diploma

Graduation is a very important step. Its impact on further education in college and CEGEP and later on university entrance should certainly not be overlooked. The effect of this step may be felt on the rest of the student’s life. As such, it is important to give students every opportunity to reach their potential.

We are able to help students prepare for their Secondary Diploma in all the subjects listed below. Instead of stuffing students’ brains of knowledge on the eve of exams or in a very short space of time, we focus on developing a clear understanding of the principles and concepts underlying each subject. Thus, the student accumulates knowledge in a detailed and sustained, detailed way, preparing him for better academic results and beginning higher studies with more confidence.

Subjects in secondary schools

EnglishAdvanced MathChemistry
SpanishEconomyScience and technology
ArabGeographyTechnology Applications
MandarinHistoryScience and Environment
ItalianPsychologyNatural Sciences

College Students

Preparation of the International Baccalaureate (IB)

Are you a student completing or have you already obtained your DEC in a public or private college or CEGEP? You want to get international recognition and have a BI? Although students at this level are demanding, many students, even those who have graduated from CED and found this relatively easy, may face challenges in meeting the requirements of the IB program.

Our tutors can help you master difficult concepts, learn more about their subjects and prepare for college entrance.

We offer tutoring in a wide variety of subjects related to BI pathways. If you do not see your material in the list below, please contact us as we may be able to help you.

Subjects for IB

English literatureAdvanced mathClassical civilizations
The history of artChemistryHistory
PhilosophyReligious StudiesGeography

Preparation for the Ministerial Examination of College French

Quadrilium offers you the opportunity to prepare for the French Uniform Test either in private tutoring sessions or in small groups. Assistance is available to students at the college level but also to anyone in the process of obtaining their DEC. All the main notions required for the exam are covered and exam simulation sessions are also provided.

Vocational training and employee assistance

Help for success and tutoring is not limited only to students. The Quadrilium Center can help you to review and upgrade your knowledge in several respects, especially if you find yourself in a situation such as:

  • You would like to meet the requirements of a professional order (Accounting, Law, Chemistry, …) and you need a specific help on this subject;
  • You have applied for jobs with the government (municipality, provincial or federal) and you know that level or aptitude tests are coming soon;
  • You are a civil servant and you want to continue climbing the ladder. To do this, you must pass level tests in French or in Mathematics.
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