Questions and answers

Question 1: What are the levels and subject offered?

 Levels & Classes

All primary classes

All high school classes

Almost all general subjects in college

Question 2: What are session’s dates?

Winter session: 2nd week from January to 31 March.

Spring session: from April 1st to June 30th.

Summer session: from 01 July to 30 September.

Autumn session: 01 October to the 2nd week of December.

Question 3: How can we pay?

  • online: credit card and Paypal
  • debit
  • check
  • cash

Question 4: Who are our tutors?

All our tutors are accredited. They have a university degree (bachelor’s or graduate), related to the subjects, and have teaching experience. Before joining the Quadrilium team, all of our candidates must pass through a rigorous certification process, we verify references and judicial statut.

Above all, our tutors are dedicated and schedule time to help their students.

Question 5: What are the steps to complete the registration process for a lesson.

  1. Tell us about your needs by completing the FORM
  2. Book your ORIENTATION SESSION online or by phone
  3. Read and sign the terms of service
  4. Choose the appropriate time
  5. Choose how to pay (monthly or per session)
  6. Make a payment
  7. Retrieve other relevant documents

Question 6: What is the address of the establishment?

The lessons are taught at our local:
5285, boul. Décarie, suite 100.

We can refer you to another of our campuses if the registrations are sufficient.

Question 7: What is session hours ?

Tutoring sessions are usually offered during the following hours:

  • Monday to Friday: from 14:00 to 21:00
  • Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00

Other hours can be planned according to your needs especially for online tutoring. Call us for more information.

Click on the link to see the CALENDAR – WINTER 2017.

Question 8: How many students are in each class?

To allow the instructor to give as much time as possible to each student, we opted for small groups of no more than 10 students each.

Question 9: What makes you different from other schools?

Our goal is to help the student,where he or she is experiencing difficulty. In addition to providing concrete and direct assistance, we provide group workshops for parents and students. During these sessions, parents familiarize themselves with the most innovative tools. Students have the opportunity to experiment with the organization and planning of their studies in order to optimize their time.

Quadrilium relies new technologies to strengthen the tutor / student relationship and to facilitate the achievement of learning objectives.

Question 10: What are the costs of the services?

  • Registration fees

Registration fees: 50$ payable once at the opening of the file and are non-refundable.

  • Ministry Test fees

The costs of the level tests required by the tutor: generally there are none.

  • Session fees

The cost of session depends on the subject and the number of hours chosen. 

For more information on the applicable rate for your child, please contact us.

  • Characteristics and particularity.

Each meeting is dedicated to a scholar programme subject.

The tutor establishes the school objectives to be reached with parent or pupil.

Students can participate in many sessions if needed.

Ongoing evaluation : The tutor has to meet your expectations. He evaluates the progress of the student and is also evaluated by the parents and the student.

  • Methods of help

In class: in a small group with tutor, who follows up and answers to all questions and tries to understand the difficulties of the student and help him to progress.

Private: Help for particular needs. The tutor can come to your house, even if it is preferable that the pupil make his session in our locals.

Online: The learning assistance sessions are also available through E-learning mode. The student can follow with the group present in deferred mode. All students have access to the resumption of the sessions any time.

Distance coaching: Students are in constant communication with their tutor via our virtual discussion groups. They can ask question and complete their learning.

Question 11: Are lessons costs tax-deductible?

Receipts are issued for all entries. You should ask your accountant regarding your ability to have tax credits.

Question 12: Question 12: Which documents are issued by institution?

The Quadrilium Institute of Montreal issues a certificate of participation to all students who request it. It also issues any other relevant documents requested by the student or parents. Additional charges may apply.

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