Day Camp Mission

Quadrilium’s philosophy is based (general project) on personal child development, as far as his curiosity and knowledge. Acting with day camp, step by step, your child will be in contact with natural and technical sciences, literature and geography in a playful, lively, explicit and friendly environment. All these gathered in a pragmatic context.
Our programs are semi-determined in advance, but can be developed depending on children’s needs. Every morning, an interactive point is made with them to fix the program and to enjoy it . At the end of the day, formulas are collected to have the opinion of young persons in order to schedule something else for the next day.
campe relâche enfants
Our day camp’s counselors have theoretical knowledge ( Student, technicians, museum counselors, lectures… are also aware of child behavior to be able to have a dynamics day camp and making it attractive. Present to reinforce the desire to learn, to get up every morning and to deepen its knowledge. The objective is clearly “the envy of School” in order to realize that it is indeed a chance … And optimize it!

Montreal city offers so many ways of discovering such us Museums, exhibitions, testimonials. It’s a great opportunity for children to discover its beauty and its many attractions during the breaks.

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